(Deutsch) Initiative SOLIT: Literarische Gehversuche in einer irrsinnigen Welt zum Soli-Zweck

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(Deutsch) Jugendbegegnung 2015 zum Thema fluchtbedingte Migration

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Lecture Urban Transformation Processes and the Right to the City

Poster Ras A self-organised lecutre about “Urban Transformation Processes and the Right to the City” will take place in co-operation with Memfarado at the University of Vienna during the 2015 summer term.
More to be found on the lecture’s sub-page.

(Deutsch) EFD-Projekt zu Ende: Ecotopia Biketour 2014 am Ziel

Graphic that depicts the stages of the tour: Route being online, the tour itself and the wrap-up phase. Underneath: A photo of 5 young people around a table. Bike pictogramme. The logo of the EU's Youth in Action Programme for the European Voluntary Services EU-Programms für den Europäischen Freiwilligendienst. Last Element: Link to website of Ecotopia Biketour.After nine months, our volunteers have finished their service. After preparing the bike tour in Thessaloniki and guiding it through five countries for more than two months, they used the last two months for wrapping-up and ensure a continuation of the Ecotopia Biketour Project in 2015.
During their service they got going an ecological, sportive, mobile and intercultural exchange project, in which appr. 75 (mostly young) people participated. On a route of appr. 2000 km, various places were visited that offered learning opportunities ranging from environmental problems and land grabbing to ecological alternatives and renewable energies.
We are very thankful for the great work our volunteers have delivered and wish them all the best for their future!

Vacancy: Employee in association’s administration

Memfarado ist looking for a person to help out in the administration on a “geringfügig” contract basis (according to Austrian labour law).
It is mainly all about classical office work: Keep documents in order and having a steady overview, communication in all directions using different media.
Experiences in the non-profit or associations’ field should be part of your life story; just like knowledge of office computer programmes, wordpress, etc.
In case you are interested, just write a (substantial) email to office (ätt)) memfarado (punkt)) org.

Mapping Kreuzberg

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Mural “Berlin Not for Sale” in Berlin-Kreuzberg

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Mural inauguration and map publication

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Yurt building workshop

Yurt BUILDING in Community

15 to 20 September 2014 (Mon-Sat)


YOU want to get together to experience community? And be active with your hands? Learning, using simple materials to build a hardy yurt? Have a good time? Plus lots of mutual inspiration?

Join the Yurt workshop in Trebitz, a rural community project 1 hour south-west of Berlin.

In this course you will learn ALL the required techniques for the construction of a habitable year-round yurt. The course is shorter than the construction of a yurt, since a large part is built out before for having time for good learning experiences. This allows us without pressure to illustrate all the operations and then we practice the practical steps in the completion! Continue reading

Last seedlings of the season! (Fundraising Action)

setzlinge2014_2Only some more days of spring – still time for DIY! Get yourself some seedlings and leave us a donation! Grow your own letuces, basil, beans and chard!
The seeds were produced by Wieserhoisl collective farm (Steiermark):  Exclusively valuable and extraordinary old organic varieties!

Requests to setzlinge2014((ätt))memfarado((punkt))org